Thoughts in Bucharest

Added on by Tomas Bachot.

Following my rush of feelings I am in Bucharest. Actually I had a bus ticket back to Belgium this night/morning but I totally overslept due to a karaoke visit in the night.

When you are in a new city it's easier to look at your life back home. The last months I was already thinking about another approach regarding the blog. Now it is time to use it in another, more personal, way.

I only used it for good news, which was presented in cold words. From now on I will also write about setbacks and doubts. And off course also about joy and energy.

Being in the master at School of Arts in Ghent opened the door towards a more truthful regard on what the making of stories means to me. Since two weeks I have the great opportunity to work together with Anna Luyten, she is my 'theoretical mentor'. I witness it's important to surround you with people who understand you, because in that way your work gets valuable.

I also learned not to put to much hope in fundings and photo competitons. After being selected for DOC*WERK I was confident to propose a dossier at Fonds Pascal Decroos, but it got denied. Next to that I was hoping to become one of the new city photographers of Antwerp, but I was not selected. Moreover a nice chance for a try-out exhibition with my new work of Romania in KASK cinema got cancelled. Shit.

I will put more energy in my own projects and collaborations in the future. With one series I want to come up fast, I feel there is enough material! Next coming up is a presentation at School of Arts on October 21, I will be working on that. In November I will be back searching for gold in the Apuseni Mountains.

For now, I put on my Romanian glasses and read Monsieur K. libere from Matei Visniec.

"Comme lorsque quelque chose nous manque, qu'on l'ignorait, et que soudain on nous apprenait qu'on y avait plus droit."