Thanks for help with ‘Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life’

Added on by Tomas Bachot.

A big thank you to


all the people I met during this project, who let me stay in their houses and gave me warmth and energy: especially Matei, Irina, Radu, Cami, Ritchie, Relu, Raul, Ari, Helga, Alexandru Cristian, the Macovei family, Cosmin, Edi, Alex, Cosmina, Alfred, Iulian, Andrei, Josie & Bogdan, Sorin, Gabi, Elena, Tică, Smara, Cosmin, Rufus, Toma, Beniamin, Ioana, Valentin, Iulia, Mihai, Fani, Achim, Oana, Alex, Costea, Nini, Adrian, Arianna, Vasi, Robert-Catalin, Janette, Tudor and his parents, Rareș, Ioana, Tudor, Oana, Raluca, Arthur, Jiks, Teo, Flavius and the Pop family.


all the locals who shared their opinions about my photos.


Fleser Horia for letting me choose and use a glass plate negative out of his wonderful archive of an unknown photographer from Zlatna.


Jan Kempenaers and Anna Luyten for the great feedback and support during the whole project.


Freddy Van Vlaenderen, Marie Snauwaert, Annelies de Mey, Nick Hannes, Yves Kerckhoffs, Titus Simoens, Tom Callemin, Max Pinckers, Carl De Keyzer, Kaat Celis, Maarten Dings, Armand Mevis, Johan Van Cutsem and ‘Unexposed’ for showing interest and taking time to give feedback.


DuPho. for letting me introduce the project at De Donkere Kamer and Dustin for the sleepover in Amsterdam.


Maarten from Nikon for lending me equipment.


Maria, for the design collaboration and bringing the book to life.


my classmates at KASK.


my fabulous housemates of Pieter Colpaertsteeg, MO, my friends in Antwerp and Stephanie.


Roxi for everything.


my family.